Group Therapy

Group therapy takes place every week, at a specific time and day and lasts 2 hours.

As in the individual sessions, the goal is to work on personal difficulties, but with a more interpersonal approach. It is especially helpful once we reach a time in individual sessions when the need to work on the way the client is presenting oneself and interacting with others, appears.

The therapist’s primary focus is on creating a safe space for all members of the group and on coordinating the narratives and communications within the group; meanwhile explaining the whats and whys and thus offering a different interpersonal experience to all those participating. At the same time, the members are benefited emotionally due to supporting one another in shared experiences.

For someone to become a member of a group session we need to have first worked together for some time, so that a good level of trust has been built and the client has a basic knowledge of my therapeutic approach and tools.