Therapeutic framework

My therapeutic framework is based on my training and studies, the experience of my personal therapy and further readings and research.

On the basis of my approach is the SANE -System Attachment Narrative Encephalon- model, of the clinical training program that I completed in the Training and Research Institute for Systemic Psychotherapy. The model enriches systemic therapy with attachment theory, basic premises from narrative/dialogic psychology and psychotherapy, and finally relevant findings from neurosciences. The different perspectives are combined in a therapist-centered outlook, meaning that interventions and techniques are synthesized by the therapist herself, in a personal -but at the same time guided- way. Each perspective directs attention to a different aspect of the therapeutic process. Specifically Systemic theory directs attention to the content of the therapeutic discourse, Attachment theory to the therapeutic relationship , Narrative/dialogic psychology to the form of therapy discourse, and nEuroscience findings help us understand the time needed for change to occur and to have faith in the overall process of therapy.